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DUI Attorney


DUI (Driving Under the Influence) / Drunk Driving in West Palm Beach, Florida

DUI is stated by Florida Statues ยง 316.193 on getting in physical control of a vehicle when you are under the influence of alcohol or any drug that causes your normal abilities to weaken or disabled. In normal condition, you must be able to see, hear, walk, talk, balance, and take decision physically and mentally.

DUI Attorney (Driving Under the Influence) / Drunk Driving in West Palm Beach

DUI Attorneys can cause a devastating impact on your daily life. Its consequences may restrict you from driving till your whole life, or get you thousands of dollars challan or fines. Or even can get you behind the bars.

Our Help in DUI Attorney

On the first DUI Charges, contact us for getting more information about DUI policies and procedures in the DUI Diversion program of West Palm Beach. Once you finish the diversion program, you may be eligible to close the criminal history from the Govt. Records.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal and dangerous. If you are pulled over with a DUI, you might face fines and jail time. DUI charges are not severe but can blemish your record. Wondering about getting a DUI Attorney West Palm Beach, then you are at the right place.

Resolve DUI charges with utmost discretion with minimal penalties. At Defense Attorney West Palm Beach offer free consultation to our clients. Moreover, we offer services on affordable prices. Call +1 561 437 2076 now to book an appointment with an experienced DUI attorney.


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