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Probate Attorney


If you have just lost a family member to death, chances will be, you will need a probate attorney soon.

Why do you need a Probate Attorney?

Well, if you are not aware, probate is a legal process that identifies whether the will of the dead is valid or not. A probate attorney takes over and make sure the assets are distributed to intended beneficiaries.

Can the assets of a deceased person be transferred without probate? 

Well, the answer to this question depends entirely on the how much the probate amount is. And did the person plan for any probate avoidance before death. Preferably, all the assets are transferrable to their new owners without any probate. Some of those assests are survivorship community property, assets held in joint tenancy, or lease by the entirety. Moreover probate is also unnecessary for possessions which the late person named a beneficiary—for example, life insurance or retirement accounts policy proceeds. However, in the rest of the cases you need help of a probate attorney to resolve the issues.

How we can help you with Probate Attorney

Managing estate, trust, and will is a significant job, especially for the family members who are facing sorrow after the loss of their loved one. Attorneys in West Palm Beach has expert probate attorneys, who are instrumental in helping you throughout the number of processes in the probate of the will.

We have highly expert probate lawyers, with a record of helping the number of families in West Palm Beach, Florida in the probate process. And so we process the attorneys cost-effectively as much it is possible. We offer the following services in probate attorney:

  • Inventory Assets Completion
  • Determining the Value of Assets
  • Creating Valid Tax Returns
  • Advice to Trustees and Fiduciaries
  • Help Clients in Filing Deadlines
  • Formal Probate Proceedings
  • Summary of Probate Proceedings

Now, are you looking for an experienced probate attorney west palm beach? Choosing a Defense Attorney will be a great decision as they are reliable and affordable. With a simple call at +1 561 437 2076 today to book a free initial consultation session.


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