Why Hire Personal Injury Attorney Florida

Why Hire Personal Injury Attorney Florida

Well, we personally spoke to physicians that treat the victim of auto accident injuries along with other types of injuries, and we have noticed one common response of victims when it comes to hiring an attorney. Some of which are “I don’t plan to sue anyone’ or “I don’t need a lawyer, I will handle it myself.” These responses indicate either the victim not clearly understands the role of a personal injury attorney, they think the lawyer will immediately bound them with a lawsuit, or maybe they think hiring a personal injury attorney in west palm beach may cost them a lot of money.

Moreover, we see the victim’s lack of trust in lawyers is because of the advertisements that are constantly broadcast on televisions, billboards, and radios.  Most of these advertisements fail to demonstrate the benefits and reasons for hiring a personal injury lawyer. All these commercials are only “branding” and nothing more than that.

The lawyers behind these branding ideas only focus on developing the expectation behind the brand experience. They are more focused on putting their competitors down and giving an image of themselves as the best. Moreover, we see these commercials are full of slogans that portray a negative message overall. Some of the slogans are “let’s get you the money,” “seek justice,” “defending the poor victim,” “we are the best,” and more. However, these slogans and advertisements fail to send out the real message behind hiring a lawyer and the help they can provide. Which results in a lack of trust in the services.

These commercials are being broadcast every day for years; these brandings have put all the lawyers in the same basket of “ambulance chaser.” However, it is no surprise that people have turned off from taking the services of a personal injury attorney.

The real message that these commercials should give out is to the questions people have “why should I hire a lawyer” and “what are the things that a lawyer will accomplish for me.” No one wants to hire a lawyer because of their branding, which shows how the lawyer is angry, wants to win, will get you the money as compensation, assertive, or hold experience of forty years. The true role of lawyers and what they can accomplish for you is still not clear to people.

We, in this article, have put our efforts to make people understand the benefits a personal injury attorney can provide.

  1. Supporting to calculate the property damage repairs.
  2. Negotiation on the value of your damaged vehicle.
  3. Finding a rental vehicle until your vehicle is fully repaired.
  4. Attaining compensation for your loss.
  5. Settling down your medical bills through compensation.
  6. Coordination of your PIP benefits
  7. Making sure your medical bills are cleared by the end of the case.
  8. Resolving all liens from health insurance, medical care, and all other collateral sources.
  9. Negotiating compensation for your mental suffering, bodily injury, and pain.
  10. Attaining compensation for a permanent injury
  11. Filing a lawsuit (not necessarily in every case)
  12. Filing a Civil Remedies notice.
  13. Follow up with the accident investigation, police report, accident scene photos.
  14. Providing legal advice on available options and settlement offers
  15. Negotiating a satisfactory settlement for your injury.

No personal attorney can guarantee you to provide all the above-mentioned objectives. However, all the above-mentioned objective does not apply in every case. Whenever an individual plan to represent their case themselves, then they have to handle all the legal matters on their own, which is somewhere not possible along with the recovery process.

Moreover, the attributes are shown in commercials such as aggressive, angry, tough, etc. And this has nothing to do with the lawyers. In reality, a qualified personal injury lawyer will handle your case with the well-written writing skills needed to handle the insurance company, negotiating skills to handle the settlement and produce the best outcome. And, if needed, skills to fight a lawsuit on your behalf.

At Defense Attorney West Palm Beach, our lawyers handle the personal injury cases by assisting people in all the above-mentioned objectives.

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